Models for Gmod

Alright I’ve got some models and stuff, and I had a few questions.

While trying to get FFXII characters, they had different codes, I was wondering what to do about that, how to get them on the game.
Also I was wondering if anybody knows where or can get me these-
Talia Al Ghul
Yuna FFX2 Attire
Lulu FFX
Rikku FFX

one or more of those found or made for gmod ragdolls would be great, thanks!

Would like to help, but your not giving any information about the problem… What 3d software are you using.

No, I’m not really good at that stuff, it took me a whole day to get one already made ragdoll on my gmod, lol. But I was wondering if someone could get at least one or two of those for me, or some should already be made, but I’ve tried to find and can’t. Also the FFXIII characters have .imgb and .trb for some reason.

Belongs in the request sub-forum dawg.

okay thanks a lot, Just saw it!