Models for Hammer

I am trying to create a map for something (to be determined) and I want to use the models from the Phoenix Model Packs, mainly the railroad and gears. As per a suggestion on the steam forums someone said that all I needed to do was “drag n drop” the contents of the models and materials folder into the appropriate places in the game directories. I tried it and it failed.

I was hoping that being this is forums is full people that know who to do custom models, that someone could give a clue on how to do an import of the models from the mod pack.

Thank you for anyone’s time in advance.

All you do is drag and drop the model files into the games model directory.
(i.e. half-life 2\hl2\model)
You may also want to move the textures as well, or the models will either show up as purple and black or white, I’d have to look.

So what I would do if I were you, is go to your garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\phoneix-storms and copy and paste the models folder into the game’s directory
(i.e. half-life 2\hl2) and merge files. (Do this with the materials as well)

Go to the PHX directory and copy the location. Example:


Then open the gameinfo.txt file for the configuration you are using to include the following line within the SearchPaths section:


When I move the content to the folders for source SDK I get nothing, the models show up in the list but they error out when you try to view or use them. I think it has to do with the way they are compiled.

I just tried the editing of the gameinfo.txt file and it did not do anything. The models don’t show up in the editor.

copy the materials folder over as well.

Tried that originally based on what the VDC said to do.

did you do that this time? because you need the textures to be able to see it properly. Also, which config are you using? Gmod uses the OB engine, and if you are using a hl2 engine config, it may not work if the models were compiled for the OB engine.

I am trying to use the models in a Half Life ep2 map.

Sounds like this is my problem.

ep2 runs under the OB engine, it should work fine.


also, make sure they are in the right folder, not /ep2/materials/phx/materials/props_phx, but /ep2/materials/props_phx, same with the models…