Models for our movie

Hey everyone. two friends of mine are making a movie and they asked me to make models for them. but i COMPLETELY can’t! Can you guys help me out of this? They need combine-ish robot models.

Maybe you could skin the combine soldiers, if you know how to do that instead? Maybe you don’t have to make a new model- if they don’t really want the ‘robotness’ of one.

that’s a great idea! but do you know where i can find the textures for the soldiers. i know how to reskin, i mean i did the same with kirby:

Basically you promised your friends to make models for them even though you have absolutely no experience in it, that’s funny.

…Well :eng101:

They’re in a GCF file. You can open such files with GCFScape:

Go to steam/steamapps/yourname and click on the GCF file named ‘Source Materials’.

Search your way to materials/hl2/models/combine_soldier and then you can drag n’ drop the vmt’s and vtf’s where you like em’.
(Just make sure to put them into the same directory as they we’re in the GCFfile- into your materials folder in GMOD. You might have to create the folders)

Do your magic skinning (:buddy:)

You can also, as i’m sure you have VTFedit, make normalmaps. Just check the ‘Generate Normal Map’ when you import your tga.

To impliment the bumpmap into your VMT (If you don’t know how)
you can just copy/paste this into your VMT:

$basetexture models/combine_soldier/ The texture you skinned
$surfaceprop metal
$bumpmap models/combine_soldier/ What you named your bumpmap

I took the liberty to making the surfaceprop to ‘Metal’- cus they’re robots, right?

Hopefully this will help ya’… If not: :eng99:

Wow, somehow I never knew you could do that @.@

Nice description of how to do it also ^^

Though you should also consider hexing the model to avoid replacing the normal combine.

That only works on LightmappedGeneric VMTs (brush textures), you’d have to recompile the model to change the surfaceprop (annoying as it is).

yes, i did. they probably tought i could make models when they saw my kirby reskin. but that was a model reskin, and i did not make the model. they probably tought i made the model too…


i think hexing could help… but (as dumb as i am) i don’t know how to do that…(shame yourself wafflemaster!)