Models from addons not loading.

The issue first occured when I was playing DarkRP, the css money model didn’t load (unlike previously before where it did). So I got my money model zip somewhere in my downloads (I don’t have css and I’m not going to buy it as I am never going to play css) and installed the model into it’s respective place in the main garrysmod directory. However, the money model was already there - so I replaced it with the same model.

I loaded up the game to realise that the css gun models both “v_” prefixes and “w_” prefixes, however after inspection I had also had the css weapons’ models installed in their correct places in the main directory.
After several attempts of replacing models and then running Garry’s Mod, the models still didn’t load. So I gave up for a few weeks.

Yesterday, I loaded Garry’s Mod and joined a sandbox server and my wiremod and ACF models wouldn’t load and I couldn’t find sprops in the directories in the spawn menu. I reinstalled the addons and yet the problem persisted. I spawned a wiremod gate (missing it’s texture) yet in the Dev’s Console I couldn’t find a missing model message (There might of been as there was a lot of traffic on the console).

I came to the decision to reinstall Garry’s Mod today, did so and the addons were automatically reinstalled. I ran Garry’s Mod again and the models still didn’t load.

Note: I installed the addons with SVN.

I didn’t realise that Garrysmod runs mods from common ( a bit obvious due to the fact that gmod 13 pre-release dev posts state that they will have their own source engine, but that flew right past my head ).
The problem is fixed. The reason why the lua worked but the models didn’t show is because my install of the addons were in the old <Email>/garrysmod/garrysmod and the servers’ model missing addons were in the common folders. So the broken addon will always be run but my install wouldn’t.

Concerning CS:S: I might buy it now considering no matter how much I disagree with having to buy compatability with servers, that isn’t going to change anything. :smiley:

Protip: Buy CSS.
Most servers use CSS models & textures.