Models from Clive Barker's Jericho

I can’t find anything useful on this. Either I’m looking in the wrong places of it simply doesn’t exist - I’m hoping for the former.

All of Jericho’s bits are stored in some .PACKED files - which I can’t find a tool to unpack from - and then apparently the models are as .sm3 models.
Does anyone know any good programs for unpacking such a file? I also hear that upon ripping the models, they are all over the place and flat.
So, how to do a clean rip?

3dRipper doesnt work for Jericho?

Works but the models tend to be pretty far away from t-poses.

But I think S-low released Cole and saw lichthammer earlier.

For the record the packed format is relatively easy to unpack with gobread (gives all the files, textures in dds) the problem is the mesh format itself which runs on the same engine as scrapland

wraithcat is right about the meshes being the hard part and Ive spent months trying to find a way to convert them. there are two files in most folders one is a psx I believe and the other is an sm3. as for asking S-low I was the one that requested Cole and he said he likely wont be porting any of the others.