Models from that new Godzilla game?

Just thought I’d put the question out there seeing as it’s been out for a little while now… The game’s meant to be dogshit, but the models look amazing, and it’s a pretty comprehensive selection of the monsters in the Toho pantheon. Anyone taken a look?

Are you talking about the PS4 game? Unfortunately, there’s no way to rip game files from the PS4.

There’s a model from another game on the workshop ,though:

I too, am waiting, (very patiently) for the day comes when someone gets the models. My experience with modeling and porting has given me enough knowledge on how to rig up a model and port them for SFM (and gmod but success for that is limited)

Therefore if I can get obj files of them? I can work on them immediately.

It hit PS3 at the same time. The ones in this one put that to absolute shame. I’m sure the rigging’s probably better… Someone was checking into it at Xentax AGES ago when it hit Japan, but never came back…