Models from the Avatar Game (PC/XBOX)

Some people on that forum managed to extract and convert model files from the Avatar Game (PC and XBOX360 version, afaik the games for other platforms are different games).:

The meshes can be converted correctly for most of the models and also the textures itself but the uv coordinates not.
Maybe someone here who’s good at blender knows how to improve that conversion script.

blender screenshot:

“quickguide” for extracting:
-you need the game installed

the file for samson is here:

what i did for testing:

samson chopper without textures:(extract to garrysmod models folder and place via browse)

samson chopper without textures smd file:

what someone else did with advdup:;attach=4683

I think I speak for the majority of the forum when I say enough with fucking Avatar.

someone else?

Some good work was done here, maybe we can get in a good modeler to convert the models and textures to work in garrysmod.

not for me then

How on earth did you accomplish this???

When i run the script (In it’s save-format) i get floods of “NO DISC” errors. I put even a blank CD in, and they go away (WTF?)
After i manage to overcome the error flood, i still have a problem… The syntax in the script is messed up (or is my blender just plain retarded?) when i run it. I tried fixing the syntax, but then the script simply did nothing.

What the FLYING fuck?
I’m using Blender 2.57, but the code does not work in older Blender either.

Any ideas on what is wrong? I just want some plants for a map…

From what are you trying to extract? BMS scripts are utterly easy to use otherwise.

I already did the BMS extraction…

Now i’m just trying to open the .XBG files etc. so i can port them through to .MDL
I also need to work on the textures/materials, but it’s the models that are the hardest right now…

Shit yo I thought I was the only one who had ever played this game

So how to open the XBG files?I think they are the models.I tryed using Noesis but it dont recognize the files nor the textures.HELP what to do?

EDIT:I tryed with Blender and i opened example files from here however if i try to open some other file (extracted from the game) they cannot be opened in blender.
Can someone explain how to open them properly into blender please?