Models from VALVE games

I have small problem with import models to garry mod 11. I have DoD , TF2 , L4D2 and my garry cant find anything from them…
Is there other way to get working models?
Please help!

** Make sure you actually Own the game (I’m sure you do :smiley: )

  1. Mount them to GarrysMod using the (Gmod Settings button on the menu) Not by just copying models to the GMOD>Models folder

  2. After Mounting them by ticking close the window and restart the game

If you have done theese then im clueless :<

L4D2 isn’t supported by default in Gmod, you need to use gm_mount2 (search it in this forum).

DoD and TF2 should be mounted as soon as you launch the game with them installed, which is weird. I guess all you can do is hope what ipaqmaster said is right.

do you own the other games on the SAME account as Garry’s Mod?

Where did you download GMod11? If it was a torrent it’s illegal, and since all torrents say “GMod11/12+” I’m pretty convinced it’s a torrent.