Models Fustration!

Jesus Christ!.. every time i download somthing with models they aways end up invisible and it bugs the hell out of me…this started after installing windows 7

on the this one im actually holding the ragdoll…it just seems to be a gost

every time drop the models folder in the right forder they all endup in the same place

Please help me… ive tried everything to fix this and all the models end up invisible

Could be multiple things.

Bad drivers, GPU/CPU overheating, too much RAM usage (Windows 7 does require more RAM). Tried doing a reinstall of Garry’s Mod?

System Specs would be nice.

Also, it looks like you may need to do a clean install of Garry’s Mod
(deleting or renaming your garrysmod folder)

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how would i get those

Start > Control panel > System and Security (could be something else, I’m not using the english version, it’s in the top left anyway) > System

Beware of printscreening your activation key below.

Or you could get Speccy (use :google:)

heres the specs…i think?

That doesn’t provide the information needed. use Speccy. Since you don’t seem to want to use Google here’s the link:

i’ll use the google one