Models going wrong

Hi guy,

I want to make running a models so i’ve done this :

The animation exist

But in game, Leon still idle (default animation).

Something strange is that when i put act_run on default animation, he run, but if i modify it with my trigger it doesn’t.

My second problem: Leon (the models) start wiggling some time, like if the speed of the iddle animation was increased by 100, don’t know where it can come from, it’s not the first time i have this problem.

Try another trigger output instead of OnStartTouch. And the model you have selected in the browser is not the same as the one in Hammer. And this.

I put OnTrigger, it didn’t changed.

It was the right models in browser
And i can’t find Panel.BgColor

You’re testing it in cstrike? Check the map in gmod. Otherwise check scripted_sequence.

I don’t have cstrike installed, but check SourceScheme.res if SourceSchemeBase.res isn’t there.

Well anyway it’s not the problem ^^

Can you try with another prop?

None are working, i guess it’s a good news, the problem doesn’t come from my models x’)

Try putting the sequence name in “Parameter”
Currently you have the activity in there.

It wasn’t working with every models
I’ve deleted and remade it, now it works

But it still something strange, i don’t know if the problem come only on my computer but after some moment the models starts wiggling, like his animation was 100 time faster. When i leave the game and re open it (windows back), the models come back normal. I’ve seen it in other map like the naruto in ze_naruto. Am i alone or it’s a problem on my map ?

That’s kind of an odd way to do this. Try using generic_actor and scripted_sequence instead. Use a damage filter to prevent actor from taking any damage since it only has 8 health.