Models load for the "first time" everytime?

Before some of the last few updates the Icons for the Models in the Spawn list “Q” where already loaded everytime I opened a game. They would only load an Icon for a model if it was a new Models in the spawn list or I refreshed the Icon.

Now every single time I launch Gmod and a map the Icons Generate every time, taking a really long time to load everything. If I switch map the Icons loaded are remembered. Then I’ll quit the game, come back to it later and I have to reload all the icons all over again.

This is a new problem for me, is there a setting somewhere to keep the previous loaded Icons, or a trick to save time on Loading so it doesn’t do this everytime I play Gmod?

I’ve got the exact same problem, I’ve had it for about, a few weeks now, and can only really deal with it. So for what it’s worth, you’re not alone.

I have this exact same problem as well, its very frustrating as gmod never used to do this until after one of the recent updates, I even deleted Gmod entirely and the problem still presists even with a clean
install, a fix for this would be appreciated

This is a cache bug, it’s been around since the dawn of GMod.
Get used to it. I doubt it’s going to get fixed till GMod 13 is fully released.