Model's material turning black

Soo I ripped couple models from one game, then using blender I exported those models to GMod. They work, but when there’s some transparent object (other that the ripped model itself, for example tree, bush, some map’s props), the model turns completely dark, HOWEVER, I can fix it by shining flashlight or lamp at it. I think the issue is in the model, bcz when I apply other materials on it (gmod’s default materials), it still turns black. If you want the blender file or anything, just say, I don’t want to post unnecessary files.

Could you post the .QC and .VMTs?

.QC File:

$modelname	"aim2_hawk\aim2_hawk.mdl"
$body mybody	"aim2_hawk.smd"
$scale 500
$surfaceprop	combine_metal
$cdmaterials	"aim2\gliders\hawk"

$sequence idle	"aim2_hawk_idle.smd"

$collisionmodel	"aim2_hawk.smd" { $concave $mass "1000" }

.VMT file:

	"$basetexture" "gliders/hawk/aim2_hawk"
	$bumpmap "gliders/hawk/aim2_hawk_nrm"

EDIT: those files are same with all models, just “hawk” changes to different word

I could be wrong, but shouldn’t your basetexture be “aim2/gliders/hawk/aim2_hawk” (same with bumpmap).

maybe you could add


to the .QC

Well, there’s no problem with the material itself, it works on any prop without those shading issues

That helped with the “turning-a-bit-light-when-holding-with-physgun” issue, but nope, it’s still turning black when I have trees in my FOV

What does the model look like in-game?

It seems like flipped normals problem to me. Check if normals are not flipped

Actually, I had a problem with flipped normals, but instead of making the entire prop black it just made some parts transparent (I fixed it as you can see)

I’m not a big fan of thread bumping, but BUMP, the problem is still here and I am trying to fix it without any luck…

Post the files here so it’s easier for the others to check it

All files are in this archive: (ik it looks like some ad link it’s bcz no one used name “FILEZ” before and I feel kinda bad for it :C )
Includes .blend; .smd; .qc; and .png texture