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When i press C i can change my Model, how can i disable that for example that you only can buy stuff from pointshop?


If you are wanting to make it so players can not have custom models unless purchased from your pointshop, there is a couple things you will want to do

  1. Set the players model from the gamemode/script from spawn. The following code is used serverside.

function SetPlayerModel(ply)
hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "SetModelOnSpawn", SetPlayerModel)

  1. Now to disabled the context menu, you will want a piece of code something like

function GM:ContextMenuOpen(ply)
	return false

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask

But they won’t be able to use the 2nd click menu and the tool stuff?

If you want it is possible to disable pieces of the context menu (or atleast kill the player if they try)