Models needed for a Gmod Machinima!

EDIT: How do I get these imageshack links to work?!

Hello all.
I’m currently making a Gmod Machinima titled “Supercow The Movie,” based on a comic series that I have previously created. The reception on part one was, to say the least, that it “wasn’t that great.” Parts two through five will hopefully be better, because:

For such a film to be completed, I need the following characters:


They’re all Naruto in this picture. I found one on,(here- but, however, when I spawn it, it is invisible and thus useless.

Gaara- Another Naruto Character-
The one in the middle there. I have found none of him so far, as I have found none of the following:

Taylor Lautner- the ACTOR.
This is very important- I need Taylor Lautner the ACTOR. Not Jacob the CHARACTER. The ACTOR, which differs from:

Edward, the CHARACTER.
The opposite of Taylor. I need the CHARACTER, NOT Robert Pattinson. Hairdo, fangs and all.

I need these models, or at least reskins!!!


NOTE: By models, I mean ragdolls, to be more specific.

Taylor Lautner, Edward and Naruto? Good luck getting them.

Although I think I remember a naruto model somewhere a few years ago.

He said he tried that model, but couldn’t get it working. I remember getting it (don’t know why, I never even watched the show), and had no problems.

Also, OP, you’ll get much better responses if you keep your finger away from the caps lock key. It isn’t cruise control for cool, it’s a big beacon that says “I’m an ignorant, self-absorbed douchebag”.

Also also, the only way you’ll get people here to even think about making Twilight models is if you promise to do horrible things to them. Even then, it’s a long shot.

Well, the film is a parody. Twilight characters getting blown up and all that. Horrible enough?