Models needed for a school presentation

Right, so I’m doing a presentation utilizing Garry’s Mod poses for my speech class, and I needed a few models. I found most of them, but I’m still in need of a couple:

A treadmill: Simple as that.
Some ragdoll that looks like a test subject.

Anyone know where I could find these?

Search for Buster on and you’ll find your test subject.

Well, I have that one, the problem is, Buster can’t run on a treadmill or be given performance-enhancing drugs.

This might work, I dunno if you’ll like it.

Ooh, nice one.

Anyone know about the treadmill, though?

You could just make one with random props.

I know of a map that got a treadmill, if you can use propper you could take it, or maybe just use the map.

CS_Officeparty or CS_Officeparty_2 something like that, it’s on FPSBanana.

Cs_office party

Well, I’m not quite familiar with it, how complicated is it?
I’m trying to do some laboratory poses with performance enhancing drugs.