Models needed for new gamemode, pay included!

I am recreating the gamemode called stranded from scratch.

The axe and hachets are horrible.
I need a world and view model for the axe and hachets and they can have a simple swipe animation.
I need a world and view model for a bow and it will probably require a more complicated animation.

Please, contact me

Willing to pay, we can talk about the prices!

If you are recreating it from scratch then why do you need the axe and hatchet for it?

Or is it like your impacted rp with “custom darkrp”

you know since darkrp is never custom and is more of a base

I’m recreating it with the majority of the ideas / mechanics that are from stranded.
Its a very old gamemode and just needs to be polished.

If I wasn’t going to use anything off of stranded then I wouldn’t of even said I was recreating stranded.

EDIT: Pretty sure my darkrp doesn’t state its custom, I don’t know why you’re so anal.

i don’t think he is, although that may part of the issue. i hear people who do anal tend to be looser.

more on topic, post what you have so far for people to see and hope that someone decides to take interest/pity.

Well i’ve only recently started on it.
( Don’t worry about the zombie stuff, its not for this gamemode. )

Heres a picture of my experimental HUD


Chest functionality

Working on skills and the craft menu today.

Basically a problem with stranded is the shitload of entities in the gamemode, with my chest idea this should allow you just drop everything inside of it without having 40 boxes in your base.

EDIT: Look at all these boxes!


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