Models not loading properly when switching jobs.

Keep getting this in my console every time I switch jobs.
Unknown command: rp_playermodel
Unknown command: _rp_ChosenModel

Not sure what it means but sometimes my models load sometimes I get a model other than the one I select.

I just made a post about this today. I’m in the same boat, man.

And yet no one either cares or knows…

Could you please elaborate more on this issue?

Sure thing!

Got a DarkRP server running. I join. No errors. I got custom models in place for most jobs. The models work fine as models. Now the problem is that when I got to pick a job I have a few models for each. I click a model. Sometimes I get the model I clicked… sometimes I don’t. All i get in the console when switching jobs it this.
“Unknown command: rp_playermodel
Unknown command: _rp_ChosenModel”