Models not Moving correctly from Pointshop

I’m having a little issue with my models I added to pointshop. They are showing up correctly in the pointshop, and when they die they do ragdoll right,
but when people are alive and moving around, they just stand there, not physically moving. They just kinda move around in a frozen T pose.
This isn’t for all models but just a few of the them. Is this from me not implementing something correctly or what can I do to fix it?

Got any screenshots?

Not specifically, but this is exactly what the non working ones do. Just floating around, trying to fly i guess.

are there recompiled models or just the default citizens?

I’m not too sure what you mean by that, like one’s master chief, another is the Fett’s from SW, but I have a Daniel Craig one that works fine.

Found this on a page for one of the models, not really sure what it means but probs a reason its not working. What should I be looking for in particular to make sure I avoid this?

PLAYER models.