Models not showing up.

Well I decompiled an original css desert eagle model just so I could change the directory and use it somewhere else then recompiled it. I made sure the material paths were also changed to their correct position but my models do not appear as a weapon.

If I spawn the gun on the ground I can see it, and if I spawn the view model on the ground I can also see it, they are perfect. But when I set the world model and the view model in my weapon to the same ones I spawned the view model and world model both don’t show for anyone. Although if I switch the world/view model back to the original css desert eagle model path they show up to the player just fine.

So the problem is not the weapon but the model, they show up if I spawn them on the ground in sandbox, but if I set the path of my weapons view and world model to them they are invisible. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?

This might be better suited to the Lua forum, but oh well.

Can you show us the Lua for it?