Models not working

So I am setting up a Thief class right now and for some reason the model doesn’t work. This is the job:

TEAM_THIEF = DarkRP.createJob(" Thief", {
        color = Color(255, 255, 255, 255),
        model = {
        description = [[Steal others players stuff/raid buildings.]],
        weapons = {"lockpick"},
        command = "thief",
        max = 5,
        salary = 45,
        admin = 0,
        vote = false,
        hasLicense = false,
        modelScale = 1.2,
        maxpocket = 20,
        maps = {"rp_downtown_evilmelon_v1", "gm_construct"},
        candemote = false,
        mayor = false,
        chief = false,
        medic = false,
        cook = false,
        hobo = false,

        CanPlayerSuicide = function(ply) return false end,
        PlayerCanPickupWeapon = function(ply, weapon) return true end,
        PlayerDeath = function(ply, weapon, killer) end,
        PlayerLoadout = function(ply) return true end,
        PlayerSelectSpawn = function(ply, spawn) end,
        PlayerSetModel = function(ply) return "models/player/Group03/Female_02.mdl" end,
        PlayerSpawn = function(ply) end,
        PlayerSpawnProp = function(ply, model) end,
        RequiresVote = function(ply, job) for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do if IsValid(v) and v:IsAdmin() then return false end end return true end, -- People need to make a vote when there is no admin around
        ShowSpare1 = function(ply) end,
        ShowSpare2 = function(ply) end,
        canStartVote = function(ply) return ply:Distance(SomeNPC) < 200 end,
        canStartVoteReason = "Must be close to some NPC",
        buttonColor = Color(255, 255, 255, 255), -- The color of the button in the F4 menu
        label = "Thief", -- Optional: the text on the button in the F4 menu
        ammo = {
                ["pistol"] = 60,

When I select the job it shows me the GTA 5 Player Model face but when I tell my friend to look at me, it shows a person with a hat on the head. I believe its a model from Half Life 2 but I am not sure why the GTA 5 player model doesn’t work. This is the same with other models that I have.

Still looking fr help. Anyone ?:stuck_out_tongue:

Does the person it show look like this:

Just upon glancing, the top of your code is this:

        model = {

But near the middle it’s this:

         PlayerSetModel = function(ply) return "models/player/Group03/Female_02.mdl" end, 

That seems to be your problem anyway, I’ll read more into it if that isn’t the solution.