Models ripped from map (links and pics in post)

From this map:

A tour bus near spawn

A car in volcano, near bar.

Don’t know why this pic doesn’t work, but they’re old little hatchback cars that are parked over from the cafe next to the driveablr sports cars.

I’d only want them as props. Thank you.

use bsp2zip

How does it work?

Think you can use Crafty for this aswell.

Pakrat can also be used. In fact, I’d recommend it.

Pakrat is sorta complicated. I mean I open it and I see the sounds, textures, materials, models etc but then what is the appropriate place to place the files? They then spawn as a invisible error. I once got close to doing it but the material didn’t work

Just make a separate folder in addons, copypasta an info.txt from something else, and edit it. Make a spawnlist and bring the models and materials into your addons inside of folders called “models” and “materials.” Bam, instant addon.

Ah ok, and no other folders inside materials and models. Like "models/name.mdl?

what is the map? Also thanks Chaoslord I’m sure I can use it for something…

Use my patiented Addon Converter files ^^ I’ve tried my best to explain how to turn loose files into an addon :smiley:


And that’s a great little program XD

Yea I can’t spell late at night XP