Models rotate 90 degrees

Hi all - doing a few scripted_sequences and I’m noticing in the Model Viewer that almost every animation (for instance, A_typeinout_g for Alyx) has them rotate 90 degrees for the animation, then rotate back out, making a nasty snapping back animation at the end. How can I defeat this? (BSPSource is down and I can’t decompile Valve’s maps without it :/)

Use vmex to decompile?

Oh wow… I’m smart. o.o

I’ve Had this problem too, i’m pretty sure the actor needs a target to look at while doing those scripts that do what your are explaining which i do not know the word for.

Yeah, I’ve been cropping out the part where the actor turns and have it facing the player and it’s been working fine now. (note to self: gestures do not need to be in scripted_sequences)