Model's texture keeps showing up as purple and black checkers

ok, im trying to make a map which requires a spherical atmosphere but bcuz hammer has… issues… i’ve had to resort to using a model for the sphere. Unfortunately, I’ve done all i can think of to do, but no matter what i do, the model’s texture shows up as the accursed purple and black checkers, and in the half life 2 model viewer, it shows blank space in the model’s folder. I’ve tried several things to fix my problem, but all i’ve managed to do is change how the purple and black checkers are arranged on the sphere.

here’s the qc and vmt.


$modelname “sphere.mdl”
$cdmaterials “models\sphere”
$body atmo “sphere_ref.smd”
$surfaceprop default_silent
$sequence idle “sphere_idle.smd” loop fps 15
$collisionmodel “sphere_phys.smd” { $concave }


“$basetexture” “Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/****/counter-strike source/cstrike/materials/models/sphere/gratex”
“$surfaceprop” “Default”
“$additive” 1
“$nocull” 1
“&translucent” 1
“$model” 1

Im using the same smd for the phys, ref, and idle since it’s not supposed to move or do anything. I suspcet this might be part of the problem, but i don’t know. the sphere is made in xsi, and the base texture is a TGA. Im sorry in advance if im being a complete fuckwit and am missing something obvious.

Your basetexture is totally wrong.
You only include /shepere/gratex

You should atleast replace your line:

"$basetexture" "Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/****/counter-strike source/cstrike/materials/models/sphere/gratex"


"$baseTexture" "models/sphere/gratex"

Ok, i did that and now ir works perfectly.

thank you very much :smiley:


and thank you too