Model's texture

I’m porting models for my new map. I use blender. I have 2 problems.
I was trying to make hitboxes to it but it ends up broken. That’s the blender hitboxes with smoothing groups named katalkaph(.smd) and mesh itself katalka(.smd).
I run it through crowbar and it ends up like this.

  1. How to fix hitboxes?
  2. Why doesn’t my texture work?

What it’s in crowbar after compiling

I have 2 textures. That’s simple VMF:

the texture one is not really a problem, it does that because the texture is missing from the materials folder (the one for the game you’re planning on having it, if you don’t have it make it yourself), just put the materials in it with the correct path file and it should display in the model viewer too, as for the hitbox you’re missing “$concave” (without the quotes), just put it and it should work, if it doesn’t read this page:$collisionmodel
You were very thorough with your post, I wish everyone asking for help was like you.

Texture already works for some reason tho i haven’t changed anything at all. Thanks for concave.