Model's textures get messed up when I recompile it

I tried decompiling a Fallout 3 ghoul playermodel for CSS and then recompiling it to use HL2 citizen animations and custom textures, but when I load the recompiled version in Model Viewer, it looks like this:

The pants are on their own separate texture, so I’m wondering why one got messed up and the other didn’t.

Looks like the .vtf could be messed up. Specifically, make sure that “clamp S” and “clamp T” are unchecked.

I used the same .vtfs as the ones from the CSS player model and it worked fine, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Could it be something with the .qc file?

It’s almost definitely a bad VTF. Or to be more precise old vtf version on new model version. Uncheck the clamps

I tried unchecking the clamps and it’s still messed up,
EDIT: Just got this to work by saving it as a new texture using VTFEdit and unchecking clamps (I was using the Photoshop plugin for VTFs before)