Models turn to errors

So every model on my server turns to an error client side. I have every file added with “resource.AddFile(”")" and when I join the server it shows that it’s sending me all the models but when I finally join the game, every custom model becomes an error.

I haven’t identified for sure but I believe this is server side, not client side.

Please tell me if I am missing a step here:

  1. I downloaded an addon (for example Slow SNP Pack 4)

  2. I used a model in the pack just fine (but I had the addon save to my server and client)

  3. I deleted the addon from my client and used
    for every model, material, sound ect.

  4. I join the server from my client without the addon, and it shows that it’s downloading everything I added as a resource file

  5. The model is a big fat error?

  6. I seek help lol

Please help me, any help is appreciated! Thanks