Models (without physics) relative to player?

What APIs / classes are there to add models for everyone and everyone to see without the models having any physics?

Something like this (but not this, just generally what PAC3 does):

You can spawn any thing, from non-scripted entity (also called as prop) to someones running grampa entity - You can manually destroy entities PhysObj, or you can just make it not initialize.
To do this, you have to call :SetSolid(TYPE OF SOLIDITY), in your case you’d call :SetSolid(SOLID_NONE) on the prop. Take a look into :SetCollisionGroup() as well, as it might help your cause as well.

Clientside models also don’t have any physics, as they are only on client side. (hurr durr)


your screenshot might need a little more jpeg…

Thanks, and great idea!