models wont show up

i know tis is wrong forum but no one else has helped me in past 5 hours -.-

i put model ragdolls into addons but they wont show up even when i browse in game

i see a spawnlist for 1 but it comes up as ERROR with a green circle under it

i need help idk what to do

What are you installing? I’ll make a nice example for you.

elexis reskin v 1.0

and for original elexis skin

That one?

no that one worked for me, these ones
thats the reskin v 1.0

sinl is


there was no instructions so i didnt know wat to do btw

Okay here’s a video on how to play with the models, and please stop making so many of these threads where you can’t install something.

Pretty much everything can be installed the way I showed in the video. Just make any folder, make an info.txt file and put something in it (Doesn’t matter what, I usually write curse words) then paste the materials/models/whatever else folders in there and load up GMod and go to the browse menu like I showed.


Technically it should be much easier to install things, and I believe Garry wants to try to do something with that in the future, but everybody has their own way of creating GMod content so it’s pretty useless to even try right now.

“Internet explorer cannot display webpage”

Why the fuck are you using Internet Explorer? :geno:

You should use a real man’s web browser like Firefox or Chrome. IE is for old grannies who play online blackjack.