Hey so i am currently building a darp rp server and i am looking for models for criminals (thief, gang members the likes) anyone have som suggestions?

i suggest

Go to Workshop and type in “criminals” in the search bar.

i have been attempting using common searchwords such as “thief”, “robber”, “crimminal” and a few others that came back with little to no result under the “model” section

edit: while i think about it i have looked through all 131 pages of models with the tag roleplay if there in fact are models matching the description they arent in the roleplay section and i did make the search i did conduct was made in the general tag “model” so if there is more than a few models then they arent labeled as that


a friend betted me i couldnt make a good server for gmod darkrp so i have more or less build most of the server i am just looking for final touches like models

If it uses downtown or evocity, you can as well trash it right away.

Models isn’t that much of a problem. It’s the map, jobs, addons and concept that’s generic as fuck.

PS: Falco, learn2balance please so there won’t be any more 50 thieves amongst ~3 cops, 1 mayor, 20 gun dealers etc.

i know that its pretty normal maps i simply went for an obscure map based off evo but it is quite different and runs alot better but models is fully in my control as opposed to map where i have to use what i can pick up

Better spend some free time on getting into Hammer yourself. It’s not quite as difficult as it seems actually.

I am a programmer not a designer, animator or anything along those lines i AM working with programming but i have not worked alot with 3d moddeling and i hate the hammer tool… i have tried dedicated roughly a week to it and it just had some things i couldnt get over.