Modelviewer problem

Error: could not load model model has no vertices.
so, it’s my first time exporting a model from max, it’s 1 model it’s big, all i did was go to file, export, export with collision.
I used guistudio:

writing c:\program files\steam\steamapps\ptowery	eam fortress 2	f\models/models\bloodgulch\modelname.mdl:
bones          676 bytes (0)
animations     112 bytes (1 anims) (1 frames) [0:01]
sequences      216 bytes (1 seq) 
ik/pose          0 bytes
textures       600 bytes
keyvalues        0 bytes
bone transforms        0 bytes
collision        0 bytes
total         1828

Completed "blood.qc"

model loads in hammer as literally nothing. help.

Did you apply a texture to it?

i put the textures in the folder materials\models\bloodgulch exture.vmt

post your QC file