Moderator, can you chill the fuck out?

Now 5 of my friends have been banned for bullshit reasons and you close down threads that you “dislike”. Do you seriusly represent Facepunch?

(User was banned for this post ("this has nothing to do with rust" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("yet another alt of falkhorn" - postal))

Your friends should read the rules.

Two of them did post in the “main” forum when they should have posted in the subsection but he couldnt find the correct thread and wrote here explaining that he could not find the correct post. 4 day ban. So many of us are getting frustrated and people have left the game because of this mistreatment. We arent 14 years old but actual adults that`s used to communicating and interacting with people on the forums, and not the least helpful moderators. The banhammer is just coming too damned fast.

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Now I just saw a thread about a poll about the moderator. Thread closed, guess he didnt like the attention. Will this mean that I get a ban as well by doing this?

I don’t know, is it against the rules? If you don’t know, after 5 of your friends have received bans for not following the rules, then maybe there’s a reason your clique attracts so many bans.

I am living proof of moderator fairness :v: I probably deserved about a million bazillion bans by now. However, I read the rules and report offending posts, and it keeps me out of the red, I guess. Trust me, the mods are plenty fair. The sticky takes around 5 minutes to read, and you are much less likely to get banned.

Being friendly with the moderator sure helps. See you got alot of posts there.

People are being banned for things not described in the sticky and threads are being closed because the moderator doesnt like to get complaints.

I just want to know if the moderators are just hired goons that like to force their “internetpowers” over people or if they are actually a part of Facepunch and are hired to represent them. If its the last bit will I NEVER play Rust again.

Wow, can you be any more butthurt?
Show me one unfair ban of yours.

I wouldn’t be friendly with a mod if they were being completely unfair about things. Sure, they are a VERY strange, ragtag team that have an itchy trigger finger, so to speak, but you keep yourself in check and know what is expected of you, and things will go down smooth for you here.

Obviously those two of your friends aren’t if they couldn’t find the right subforum to post in

you can still look at the forums…use a different browser or clear your cookies

I have been banned before as well, and it was specifically because i did not read the sticky. It really only takes a few minutes… and the last couple days have been especially hard on the forum, it makes sense to me that the mods would want to crack down.
There are rules and people have to follow them, if postal just moved posts to the right place and cleaned everything he wouldn’t be a moderator, he’d be the fucking forum maid.

(User was banned for this post (“undescriptive thread title, don’t be demanding” - postal))

I would call that a little bit unfair. 4 day ban for an undescriptive thread title when the post are made in a well formed matter in the correct forum?

He would look cute in a maid uniform I bet~

gee wiz another thread complaining about bans and mods!

The ban on the dude who replied to this thread is pretty indefensible

The forums are a mess, but would the amount of work be that much bigger to Ctrl-V a premade message of where to post the threads and from time to time move it to the correct spot? Instead of banning everyone that make the smallest mistake? I dont know how old you guys are, but when you reach a certain age and you write a serious post just to get banned 2 minutes later for 4 days you do get sick and tired.

Read the rules first, problem solved

I am pretty sure you get banned for replying to a thread that is near the bottom, because your reply to the offending post then bumps it back to the top, creating more work for mods. If you tell them the instant the thread comes out, it is at the top anyway. I am not sure on the exact ramifications of how they ban for that.

Perhaps if they acted like adults they wouldnt get so many complaints.

Why are you pretending to not be the guy that made that thread??