Moderator instead of Admin?

I am the owner of a rust server. We don’t have enough admins to help out on the server and I don’t entirely trust people that I could recruit. Is there a way to give someone some sort of moderator capability? I want to have some moderators that can only, kick and ban players from the server and teleport while the actual Admins that I trust to have the full Admin powers. Is there any way of doing this or do I just have to really start trusting people?

Yes that is possible. I believe essentials comes with a rank system which I use however you can find others I’m sure.

I would suggest rather than giving everyone admin if you are giving them rcon, do it all via flags using the oxide mod - oxmin.giveflag x all, oxming.giveflag x canban, oxmin.giveflag.x cankick etc

You can indeed use flags to give your moderators the option to kick/ban people… tp to people that are reported for hacking/glitching/griefing… and if you want to you can give them the option to use admindoor or remove tool.
i do recommend NOT to give anyone your rcon password…
another option is to use rusted. it’s a very easy to use website you can login to. you can than register your server and overlook the whole thing from a pannel. with a premium account you can generate connect codes for your moderators and easily set their permissions. also, the creator of rusted is a nice dude who can help you whenever he is online.

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What we could do with i suppose is some sort of admin/mod overlay when Garry allows them :stuck_out_tongue: