"Modern" Angels

So I’m looking for angels, or at the very least winged people.
It’s somewhat of a difficult request, since I’m even having trouble wording what I’m looking for correctly.

I looked on garrysmod.org, and either they don’t have any related models, or I haven’t seen them.
But I’m looking for angels, either a link to some previously made models, or someone willing to assist with creating them.
Modern-ish angels.
By that I simply mean someone dressed in the modern era, with wings and a halo. Actually, halo is optional.
A male and female model, perhaps in a suit or casual clothing, with wings sprouting from their backs.
Ragdolls preferred are mainly what is needed.

Assistance in any form is appreciated.

Edit: For reasons I can no longer recall, I deemed angel wings alone as a bad Idea.
Since I can’t remember my reasoning, angel wings would work just fine.


I support and if anyone makes one the best would be the angels from Darksiders

Wouldn’t just a model of wings be enough, as you could just pose them on any ragdoll?

I considered that, actually, but for a reason I now cannot recall, it didn’t seem to pan out as a plausible idea. :confused:

bump/updated OP

This would be interesting. Another interesting thing is if they made angelic characters. People with feathered wings. And demonic characters, ones with bat wings. That still look human, except for the wings. (So if comic makers wanted they could use that.)

Something like Castiel from Supernatural with wings or something, right?

You could try grabbing the kinects from Etherlods. Though I think that was an opengl game. - There’s a ripper for those as well though I think.

A simpler idea would be to just have the wings as props that you could add to the backs of existing models.

whats wrong with togas

They ride up a lot, a nobody wants to see that >:|