Modern Boats

I was wondering why nobody is making any modern boat models like speedboats (like the ones in GTA IV) not huge tankers. A Boat Trailer would be awesome too.

Can’t anyone port the boats from GTA IV? Or isnt it legal, also i don’t understand how to port and how it works so don’t flame me :P, same goes for making your own models.

I’m guessing mean GTA 4 (GTA V would be 5).

And I’m surprised if someone hasn’t already, have you searched all the gta4 model packs?

From what I saw, there are only cars, no boats, planes or any other vehicles.

Yeah i searched and all there is are some cars from the game but nobody has done the boats, which i really don’t understand :frowning:

Boats are one of the least of all the models that can be found on garrysmod. It would be tough to find what you are looking for.

What I don’t understand is why no-one in the Modelling section models giant boeings or the most bueatifal thing in the world.

Of course I mean the trains, I mean, what else would be the most bueatifal thing in the world? Ha!

Boats (small ones), trains and huge planes are something we need more off :smiley:

Shutup about trains