Modern Combat: Domination Models

I just recently got this game called Modern Combat: Dominations, and I was wondering if anyone could get some models from it?

To my knowledge, it is only available on Mac OSX and Playstation 3. I realize how hard it is to get stuff from the PS3, and Im assuming no one with a Mac can rip/port from the game, so I’m not expecting anything for awhile, if at all.

Personally, I would like to see the Special Forces soldiers more than the opposing faction, but I’ll take whats given.

The game in question:

Some screenshots:

Police Model, present on only certain maps:

Please and Thank you.

To be honest the characters look like generic low quality soldiers.

Indeed they do. However, I would still like them ported/ripped, regardless of their quality.

They do indeed look Badass.

It’s on Macs and PS3? That’s certainly an odd choice of platforms.