Modern CrossBow

After watching “The Walking Dead” I’ve come to realize how awesome Daryl’s Crossbow is. I’d like a nice Modern Crossbow model for Gmod, but the only ones I can find are reskins of the HL2 crossbow. I think there’s one in COD Black Ops, if someone could port that I’d be just fine with it.

The killing floor pack should have one.

Like Radley said, the Killing Floor pack has a crossbow model in it as well (comes with a scope). As for the Black Ops crossbow, I’ve seen a few vids for it in use on the Source engine (it was either for CS:S or GMod, can’t really remember) but there was no download link for it.

The Killing Floor pack can be found here.

Yeah, the KF crossbow looks alright. Donwloading the pack, then. Thanks guys.

There’s also one in here if you want some variety.