Modern Day Roleplay

Name: Roleplay World
Since August 12, 2008
In Alberta, Canada
We have been a clan starting with little people our goal was to improve darkrp unfortunately we failed miserably as it is poorly coded. We have started making our game mode since a month ago, we h

IP Address:

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States of america

Gamemode: Currently we are using gmodrp

Slots: 20

Extra features/ Additions: Land Mines Athos MW car Pack and the GTASA admiral car port from Athos

Rules: This is for RP world users.

Rules For the server.
1.) All guns are leagle.

2.) if someone is in a disguise,
it is considered metagaming if you kill them.

3.) You can’t kill or arrest people for
being Mobboss or gangster

4.) No OOC racism

5.) No other languages in OOC

6.) Keep IC out of OOC

7.) We don’t ban for abusing cop we blacklist you

8.) You can be granted tool for donating

tooltrust is 10$

50,000$ is 5$

Donater is 15$
-physics gun
-Police disguise
-Rebel Disguise
-Normal Clothes

Super donater is 20$
-physics gun
-Police disguise
-Rebel Disguise
-Normal Clothes

You can buy donater buy may not buy admin


OOC - Out of Character

IC - In character

Metagaming - using OOC resources to help your character

Breaking any rules can end up in a blacklist or ban

All Bans are permanent and will not be revoked unless you appeal.
we will temporarily unban you then have Gcourt.

I don't want to explain but when we were running a temp rp script aka a heavily modded darkrp, we had a custom menu with these rules. Yes but lots of smaller children joined so I had to put up definitions which is awfully sad.

Here is the Primary Server.

The one we are letting die and The Maw uses it now and then for some rts shit.


Don’t sell money dammit :bang: People having dumb amounts of money seriously ruins RP, and little kids will convince their parents to buy them $20 worth no doubt, meaning they have effectively killed the RP as they will just buy guns or show off. and the same applies to the donator status, don’t give retarded amounts of money with it.

Good point but were limiting to it so you can buy donator/money 3 times but our server has really really expensive guns and cars its realistically priced it prevents a fuckton of dm.

Better than most systems like that then.

Thank you our lead admin used rp poorly we demoted him then I introduced him to gmodrp he loves it and now is not a minge. So he is a what ex-minge?

This server will slowly turn into yet another deathmatch fest. Someone gets 250,000 dollars and just will eaither give guns away or just ruin the whole economy by giving money away. Sorry to say it bro

lolno a shipment of ak47s is about $150,000 thats why admins are usually arms dealers

I like the way you say “lolno”. And how your lead admin was an “ex-minge”

Yea well he was fuckedup then we showed him GmodRP now he hate darkrp wich is good I believe.

Why should i donate you money when i can just go to a free server?

Fail. You spelled legal “leagle”.

What makes this better? I don’t want to pay for money or toolgun. On MeteorNet, by signing up to the forums you get toolgun free. You can’t buy a shipment of guns for yourself. You don’t have to buy cars. What you have in your server is a good case of the “PERP effect”. Lots of people saving up money for something, then after they get it they will use it, and then get bored. And legal guns? It just seems like stupid RP to me.

1.) All guns are leagle
All guns are leagle
Guns are leagle
Guns leagle

Good job. Thanks to this half-wit rule you just fucked your server.