Modern Garryfare. (Please read)

I’ve been watching a alot of MW2 pwnage videos and my friends talk about it alot and how awesome it is. My ideas will be listed below. Oh and before you ask. I have no skill in this whatso ever. I dont care if you use my idea’s to create your own gamemode, or to add to your own gamemode. I’d really like to see this done seeming as i can’t afford MW2 and won’t get it anytime soon.

Server: Unknown.
Server Map: SW_Towers

War Gamemode:A gamemode with four driffent gamemodes,and possibly more depending on if anyone will do this.
Conquer: All the towers on the map must be secured. (Somehow someone will have to set up like a three minute securing bar or something).
Evacuation:Each team will have a member randomly selected to become a prisoner or president. Each team will be armed with random weapons. Prisoner and Presidents will have a pistol no primaries. The objective is to evacuate the Prisoner or President before the other team can kill them. (Similar to Assassination,very i know…)
FFA DM:A mode where the players can select the weapons of there choice, and fight to get the amount of winning kills. (There will have to be a vote, im thinking 25,50,100,150,200 should be the range. Bonus: theres a working tactical nuke on 25 Killstreaks = Nuke IMO, optional though)
Secure the Hostages: C:SS type gamemode. Tactical Soliders will work against Terrorists, or whoever and fight it out. Mission is to secure a posistion and hold it and protect the hostages. Time limit is one minute

---- Sweps:
Mightylolrus’s weapons would be good. Only problem would be snipers. They need scopes…

Custom Features if someone wants to make them:
Camoflague: (10 seconds invisblity,makes you crouch and move slowly)
Bloody Screen like MW2

Perks: (NOT Cod4 MW2 perks) Suggested Perks. I know some of these may not be possible and im asking for to much, this is not exactly nessecary. Feel free to rename and use them if wished.
Less is more: Adds less recoil to your gun.
Ammo Persavation: Some shots don’t use ammo. Happens rarely.
Hand to Hand Combat: Adds the chance to one hit kill someone with your knife.
Immortal: Gives you three seconds invincblity, sometimes when shot with a primary.
Jumper: Gives you the ability to jump and run faster.
Like a Tiger: Camoflague lasts for a extra five seconds.
Wounded Buffalo: Shot damage is increased when close to death.
Knife Syphon!: When you kill someone with a knife you gain a health bonus (25 or 50 HP)