Modern House Build


Wheres your content?

Added! I was stupid and forgot to post pics… d’oh…

Cool house, Might want to change the dev textures to Half-Life 2’s interior textures but it looks great

I plan on changing all the textures when I feel I have the base of the house mostly created! I would rather keep compiling to a minium. Thx

Can someone explain how to get the pictures on the forum page instead of links.


That pretty much sums it up

It looks really good. If it’s possible, can you turn on Anti Aliasing when taking pictures? It looks alot better if you do.

[noparse][img_thumb][/img_thumb][/noparse] is better for posting a large number of pictures.

I’m sorry, but that’s COMPLETELY ripped off Ramone’s house, you’ve copied him in almost every aspect, you’ve simply copied all the features you saw in his screenshots… Just because it inspired you, it doesn’t mean you copy it, you’re supposed to come up with something creative yourself.

^ This :3:


I absolutly agree Deadchicken!

I’m sorry, but is this just a really useless post?



he removed the content.