Modern Lovecraftian Horror Mappage

Ladymen and gentlefolks, I’m currently about a sixth of the way through a H P Lovecraft themed horror map pack and I have stalled a little. I’m trying to to cram lots of detail into each room in order to bolster the atmosphere and make each location as interesting as possible. Now the thing is, it’s not going to be combat orientated but mainly centred around puzzles and narrative so I’m keeping wide open space to a minimum. With this in mind I’m hoping someone can help. I’m building part of a government bunker and am making an air conditioning plant room. This is the central access walk which leads to the fans and I’m almost done (please ignore the WIP section beyond the glass) but it looks empty in a way. Can anyone suggest something to make it less so?

I know this isn’t really very helpful but it looks fine to me. I’d say use lighting/fog/dust particles/colour correction to make it a bit more atmospheric, but you probably already have that covered.

I do really. Seriously, though, if you had to add something… :slight_smile: I was thinking of some kind of utility shelf unit at the end but I’m not sure. I kind of think I’m missing something on the sides. I dont want to add a box/barrel/canister combo but I think there must be something. I’ve been looking at lots of RE screens and each one is filled with, well, just stuff!

Long shadows and flickering lamps can help create a tense atmosphere. Creating light behind props that turn shadows to look like things from a certain angle. Make the player unsure of what they have seen. Even small details that come and go, creaks and knocks and tapping.

In regards to the image, dim the light, or obscure it behind props to create your shadows.

Definitely good advice. To be honest, it’s adout the only area that has bright lighting. I wanted it to feel safe and a sort of journeys end after the trials it takes to get there. The area itself is an internal walkway inside of the plant room of a sealed government bunker. I was going to flicker the lights when a certain event is triggered so I’ve got that in hand. I’m just wondering if anyone can think of something to ‘round’ it out a bit?

PS, I’ve been very understated on the gore at the moment. Only a single drop of blood in the whole map at present. I don’t want it to be too pulpy… Despite the inspiration :slight_smile:

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Oh, actualy, what about a row of candles running down each side on the floor?

Use too much blood and it isn’t scary. It’s better to hint at violence than to shout about it. Make the player make up his own stories in his head, make him guess the side plot about a certain room. The imagination of a player is something to be preyed upon. Get watching your crime dramas, especially check out jonathan creek. That show is more about the impossible murders, which you might find useful. :slight_smile:

Candles would fit with the theme, or maybe some strange runes around or on the doors. Kind of depends what your big secret about the bunker is really.

Yeah, my wife likes the program. I should watch a bit more of that stuff. The bunker itself is a gateway into the real horror.
Essentialy, what happens is a dog walker sees what she believes to be a body down a ventilation shaft in the woods and calls 999. It turns out (without spoilers) that it has been dumped in an abandoned bunker which is attached to a large, infamous manor house. As a police officer you attend, accompanied by your partner on the radio but bad things happen…

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This probably sounds v lame but can anyone point me towards some candle props?

That light you have, make the hall dark except for a few light at the end. Then what you need to do is when the play starts getting closer to the light he starts hearing noises,

I think Oskutin’s model pack has some. IIRC it’s on

Great stuff, checking it out now. If not’ll have to turn to propper. Thanks to Crossu too.

Lovecraftian horror map pack?

What, where?

I think you mean this.

Well I was going to say mod but I have zero programming experience so I thought I would go for map pack instead… Sounds less, er, grand.

Anyway, just added some water pipes for the sprinkler system and a bit of storage space at the back.

Also, almost finished with the left hand fan pit.

That looks really good. I think you should take the advice on dimmed/flickering lights, though.

Those fans look sweet.

Please tell me you’ll have at least one map set in Innsmouth.

Make strange stuff happenin in the flincking lights areas, so after few times the player will get used to this and thats when its gonna be easy to control players mind :v:

Would love too but this one is set in England. I am planning on a cave system finale just like one from The Horror at Red Hook though.

Thanks for the lighting suggestions though everyone. Will take the advice :slight_smile:

I hope this will make use of a great stockpile of sanity-based tricks that games based on Lovecraft literature implemented.
Like they made in Call of Cthulhu - Dark corners of earth that player notices most horrifying thing in room first even before entering. Also character starts going crazy if you look too much at someone’s guts spilled on the floor and can even shoot himself(not sure about that though).

Or even better - Eternal Darkness sanity effects. If character suffers from low sanity, he starts seeing things. Like blood dropping from the ceiling, or talking bust. If sanity drops below certain point, random sanity effect can activate. These sanity effects are set around leaning on the 4th wall, means they make PLAYER unsure if game’s glitching or this is hallucination. There are plenty of examples: Character head pops off, and fountain of blood starts gushing from his throat, and then that is followed by hands falling off and then entire torso turning into a bloody meat chunk. Then Game Over screen appears, just to disappear and reveal that it was just a sanity effect(Character also screams “This! IS! NOT! HAPPENING!!”). Or when character enters the room and starts sinking in the floor. When he sinks completely, turns out that you didn’t even enter that room and that scene was scripted sanity effect. Or there was that nifty effect when you enter the room and every door is locked, except for the one you entered. There was no indication that it is a sanity effect.
I hope your mappack will contain something like that - atleast not the overused jump scare on every corner. In perfect case, it would leave feeling that you’re slowly going insane - Lovecraft style.

Also, I like screenshots, keep up the good work!

If you want to add some real horror to the map, make it fullbright.
People will shit brush bricks.