Modern Multiplayer [FPS]

Here’s what’s going on.

Q is the SAS guy on the far right, and Mr. Mister is the gray terrorist in the middle. The text at the top right is a parody of Battlefield 1942’s kill messages. The blue & green bars in the bottom left is your health and armor. The text in the bottom right says M4-RIS: 26 | 7, which is the ammo status. Private is the ‘player’. I did my best to do this the way I saw it. I know, Paint edit. :downs:

Oh, and wf_ means WarFact. :keke:

Comment, criticize and enjoy.

Looks more like those Nexon FPS games.

I suppose it does. You guys want the original?

Ahaha, I love the chat

Sarcasm? Eh, nevertheless, thank you.

no real

Modern Warfare 2?
well FPS is good,

Its a good try/idea. A bit higher resolution and a few fixes on the posing would make this much more believable.