Modern ninja with a huge warhammer ambushing a duo of heavy armed marines


I lold but why a hammer and not a katana?

Looks awesome, except for the rimlights.

Ouch that’s gotta hurt. Awesome editing and everything!

Wait that’s a hammer? Looked like a katana to me at first. :C

Why a katana and not a hammer?

Great lighting.

The rimlights look fine?
Awesome lighting and blood

And original!

Original is cool too :smug:

But we have modern weapons. Guns and such.
NO. I will use this hammer.

Very nice work:)

I think the Armed Marine on the front got his finger in the wrong place(its not in the trigger).
Besides that, the rest of the posing is good, and i really like the editing.

Hammers & Clubs ftw! Why chop your target when you can simply make it a smashed pulp on the floor :v:

Oh yes indeed, haha i thought the front one was an grenade launcher trigger, but it doesn’t even have one. o.o Haha, silly me.


Red Faction : Guerilla much? :v:
Incredible editing anyway, good job.

:ninja: Nice.

Have you been talking to nexus, mos? :v:

Nein? :o

I like it. Though the highlights on the alive one’s left arm seem iffy to me. Other than that i really do like it.

Looking at the original, i see you didn’t make the light invisible. Just colour it 0 alpha or something. It’s easier to edit that way, so you don’t have a blob of light over there.

ZOMG looks so epic!