Modern Russian Infantry

Example Posing

**Special thanks to Trek and Ninja_Nub
*-There are two kinds of battalion and Two camouflages for each battalion.
-I’m gonna add BF3 chestrig and release’em later as DLC (But only two kinds of BF3 chestrig are usable.)

**-Download Link
Steam Workshop (I’ll upload at workshop later)

**-Require **(Not necessary but I recommend to use this ragdolls for proper posing)
Easy Bodygroup Tool -It allows you to use bodygroup more easily
Resizer -It allows you to use proper size of weapon or other props
Bone Merger -It allows you to combine BF3 chestrig more easily

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

RPG carrier and gasmask fix! <-Click Here!

These are glorious. You are a god DDok.


good job ddok! they look great!

ddok1994!!! i will gonna kiss you ass!!!

What about the weapons on the pictures?

Nice job man.


Finally proper models of Russians. Many thanks!

Good stuff.

Delicious russians.
Nice job.

OMG…absoluted perfect:dance:


Does anybody have any good AK-74M’s and RPK’s to go along with these?

I suppose this is the WIP’s or something.

There’s no RPK in those pics. I think you meant this →
and the AK74M is from Battle territory Online

I wasn’t talking about anything you had in the pics, I was just asking if anybody had any good AK-74M, PKM, RPK, whatever, models.

Nirrti’s BFP4F model pack got nice PKM models, and there’s some good RPK and AK74M in DeadZ

by the way, can anyone translate this storybook to me? I dunno why OMON animals with their AK are appeared in Russian storybook.

This is a poem about SOBR or OMON for kids.

Rapid Responce Unit
Carry to the all ends (Wat?)
With the rifles and pea coats
Riding brave fighters.

Shit, this is ugly one translation. :v:

Anyway, i’m doing some camo stuff for soldiers. Stay tuned.