Modern stranded request/idea

I don’t play GMod very much nowadays, very much revolves around wire and being complicated n shits. I don’t have any trouble understanding it, but sometimes I just can’t be arsed.

What I was thinking was a very simple mod with hunger and thirst, alike to Stranded but also with a life support twist. Electricity and stuff to power lamps and UV lights to grow edible plants indoors. Also thought of sprinklers for putting out fires and water plants.

If there were some kind of way to simulate day and night cycles, I’d also like to add a defend kind of thing; when nighttime falls, enemies attack your house/fortress and you’ll have to defend it and/or just hold out until dawn.

I’m pretty sure this request/idea will fall to deaf ears, but no point in not trying, right?

That sounds very interesting, nice idea Haxxer.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with this, but this sounds identical to Minecraft except hunger and thirst.
Before you say “There are no sprinklers!”, you can use logic gates for that now.
The only problem is that minecraft has terrible graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

…what does this have to do with Garry’s Mod?

You have the same taste in games as I do it seems, and you gave me a great idea for a new gamemode. :wink:
Do you have any resources at all? As in any skills or any friends that would be willing to help out if asked of them(modeling, mapping, textures, ect)? None of this is needed but I am just curious as it will motivate me to work harder.

I can’t make any promises that I will finish it but I want to work on something like this if you would like to be apart of it and help me out.
My steam name is findme1 if you are interested at all.

I have moderate mapping skills, nothing special though.

Sorta reminds me of “The Colony”… I think it’d be a great idea, just so long as the stuff isn’t super straight forward and simple. GMstranded is super easy, which makes it a bit boring after a little bit.

As far as helping, I do modeling and a bit of texturing… I’m not going to lie and say I’m super-pro-kickass, but I can definitely model, save a UV map and either hand that map off to someone else to texture or can do a bit myself.