Modern Textures

Does anybody know any decent modern texture packs? Actual proper nice ones you would expect to see. Only thing I have found its a CG texture pack, but most of them are horrible.

Thanks in advance

Have you considered making some?

Making textures is a piece of piss, provided you have the know-how.

Any tutorials/tips?


It’s very basic and only covers one method, but it works.

Ok, thanks

Edit: Ok, did everything your tutorial says, but it turned out like this:

But supposed to be like this

show us the vmt?


Post the .vmt.

In [noparse]

[/noparse] tags.

	"$surfaceprop" "Wood_Panel"
	"$surfaceprop2" "Wood_Panel"
	"%keywords" "Modern Wood"

I already showed a friend, he couldn’t see anything wrong with it.
Doesn’t really matter now, managed to find a decent texture pack :v:

That texture would of sucked anyways since it does not repeat at all

/facepalm I figured it out

What was it?

Oh no, never mind false alarm.

The textures I found don’t work, well at least I don’t think so. Put the Folder into cstrike/materials (I am using counter Strike) but just come up as pink n black checkers.
Here is the pack I got

When in Source SDK, at the bottom before you open Hammer, is Counter-Strike selected - and, alternatively, are the CS:S paths selected correctly in “Options” in Hammer?

there are a few things wrong with that

  1. you don’t reference a texture
  2. the second line is only for blend texture

try this:

     "$basetexture" "*dir/to/texture*"
     "$surfaceprop" "wood"
     "%keywords" "Modern wood"

Ok, yes to the first one. And I’m not sure to the second one, which means the second one might be the case. (Damn, forgot about this shit was fine before I got a new hard drive /shakefist)

Could you run me through what it should be?

have u tried vtfedit for this. it makes it quite a bit easyer

Well mine isn’t configured for CS:S but I’m sure you can find a tutorial somewhere. I’ll have a look.


Is making textures from scratch even probable?
Download GIMP to edit your pictures with, it’s about the same as photoshop, but free.
As for finding material, google is the easiest. Relying on other people to make textures is probably a bad idea.