Modern textures

Can anyone send me, or link to where I can get, some modern and clean textures for any of these;

-Housing (Inside and outside)

I will make my own textures when I finally release my map but as I am new to RP mapping I could do with Some textures for my practice maps.
any textures would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Google. Trust me.

Go into tools and download the ship dedicated server.

Then just extract the shizzle from the .GCF.

That works? I would’ve thought that’s sort of theft, considering you’re not paying for the end user licences to the game content…

Who cares, it works. If valve didn’t want you to be able to have content they’d make it encrypted or something.

Oh cool, Im gonna go try that.

It’s not Valve’s game. It supports the community. So why would they care?

You can get some textures like that from, in normal picture format (You’ll have to convert them to VTF)

Jesus christ Its been downloading for three hours and it’s only at near 60%

Am I downloading the whole fucking game or what? My internet is refurbished dial-up at an extremely high price.

Refurbished dial-up. There’s your problem.

My problem is that I live in the country-side, and it’s the only internet provider that I can get out here.

That’s still why it’s so slow. I’m not blaming you, just stating why. Plus you are downloading all the models, maps, textures, etc.

It’s not theft.

I think it was Cool Corky that told me about it, so you’d be better off asking talking to him.

Besides, if someone decides to put a box of cheese in your house, and you take it, who’s at fault?

It’s Valve for dumping cheese in your house.

And yes, you are downloading what is basically the whole game.

The Ship Dedicated Server took me only 9 minutes at 557.3 kb/s. It started at 57% for some reason.

Probably materials from another source game you own.

Pay for the game like I did y’ smelly basts.

Sucks because now you all have access to the super secret stash of content I always use. :stuck_out_tongue:

Real World Textures – That texture pack is incredibly awesome.

Where can it be found?


I think that is it, correct me if im wrong.


Yeah thats it!
When you add the textures to the folders in the games you must change the texture pack folder name from




if you want them to show up.