Modern warefare 2: Crashed C-130s and working ones?

I would like to request the crashed C-130s from Afghan in Modern warfare 2, you know the one crashed in the middle?

and if you could get the working one from this level (at the end)

requests never get carried out
learn to rip or get someone who can


one of the koreans probably

Already some gib Nuero AI planes for ac130. To the search bar with yeeh!’ Yes but the planes drive themsleves not sure if its drivable. As for the crashed part, I think theres gibs with the plane so you can place the plane parts. Rangers Lead the Way.

Just to point out, I saw some model of a flying AC-130 couple months
back(think it was here on facepunch) nyway the flying AC-130 is
actually preety small, so If you get the crashed one, it is actually
a whole lot bigger than the flying one.

hm i could try to rip but i dont have the files for mw2

What’s Modern Warefare?
Anyways, this probably is possible, but unlikely. I don’t see much usage for this kind of prop.