Modern Warfare 2 FAMAS swep?

can someone please make one? to clarify, i dont want a CS:S one, it’s a single fire, i want the Modern Warfare 2 one, it fires a 3-shot burst.
and, earlier, i head someone say people would probobly just use a modded p90 skin, but i don’t have CS:S, (i do have the orange box and HL2D though.) here is page about it, (i dont want the attachments, but if you could put the heartbeat sensor on it, that would be great.)

im thinking that primary fire would shoot, and secondary would iron sight. (no red dot or holographic sights, please.)

He has a bunch of guns from MW2, including FAMAS. You can change firing modes on them also.

thank you

yeah, actually, those dont work for me. no CS:S.

Get a custom model from FPS Banana.

Get CSS just for the content. It costs like 20 euros only.

im saving my money, and can i have a link, oppy?

Sorry my packs require CSS. And just to clarify if you think this isn’t me TheCake just look at the disclaimer on patch 5.

Im working on one with the mw2 hands, Finished the mp5k and the famas is next in line.

So i guess ill link it when im done :3


And here you go, a load of mw2 weapons with tools and 1 famas :3

uh, theres no FAMAS, and also, what guns work with the explosive ammo pack in it?

There is a famas in there…

I belive i put a famas in my own pack :confused:

All of the weapons work with explosive ammo. Well, all the weapons in the pack apart from ones with above 52 clip.

huh. ill check again.


yeah, i just used every single gun, and either something went wrong with the download, or something went wrong with the upload.

Yeah, i think your download failed since the rest of my friends where able to get it perfectly.

Or you used the gmod mirrors is NOT what your supposed to do :confused:

i used the gmod mirrors, saw it was wrong, then downloaded the last hyperlink.

yeah, i got Cs:S so imma just use thecake’s.