Modern Warfare 2 - Ghost

I’m going to make wallpaper series like this.

Where’d you get the Ghost model at? Looks great.

in .org

What? Is it a private model?

good DUH!

Ddok Ghost looks too bright, tone the contrast down a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand the background is nice and the pose is simple but well done.

And fix the word seris on the OP(Before you get spammed with bad spellings).


Damn! :ninja:'d twice :frowning:

my mistake.

Thanks, very useful.

You should do one with Bobby Kotick, standing amongst the destroyed flaming ruins of the community.

Jokes about that horrible game aside, that’s a damn fine pose.

Very nice camera angle.

Ghost should be on the right, cos I have all my desktop icons on the left, but they’re blocking ghost.

Too bad the eyes are too wide open, everything else is good

Very nice. I think Ghost is becoming overrated though.

I only like Ghost because he has the aspect of Gaz in him.

Otherwise I lol’d when [sp]Sheppard shot him.[/sp]

Looks good man, his left wrist looks awkward.

Ghost is fucking badass. Nice pic.

Holy fuck that looks like sex on a stick!

This is by far the best ghost picture I have seen.

good but it’s getting old to see ghost all the time

Ghost doesn’t move for your icons. Your icons move for Ghost. :colbert: