Modern Warfare 2 HUD


MW2 is currently my favorite game and I think it would be awesome to have a Gmod HUD with the same feel. Someone already requested the blood on the screen effect but the ammo, specials, and compass should also be shown.

My request is a HUD replacement that looks the same as the MW2 HUD including blood-on-the-screen health monitor, ammo for current weapon (primary and secondary), number of grenades, and compass.

What, if any of this, is possible and is anyone else interested in using or making this?

Ok, I decided to try and make it myself but I still need some help… I need the symbols and such. If anyone has or can take some screen shots in crouch mode in high resolution I would be very thankful. Also, does anyone know the font used in the HUD?

Call of duty probably uses their own font that they made.

The font could be taken from the game files pretty easily, but distributing it would be illegal as it’s paid content.

You’d either need to find a similar font or make it yourself.

Since i have never written anything in Lua before I need some help. I have looked at the Fear Hud and I should be able to do the visual part ok but I don’t know how to determine whether the player is crouching or not as this is part of the MW2 Hud. Is it a boolean like “IsCrouching” (example) or “button.ctrl == 1” ?? (also just examples, I don’t know the actual syntax.

Also in MW2 you can see the number of grenades you have. Is there a way to check the ammo of weapon_frag?

BTW, I found the font. Its Bank Gothic Medium

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